Poster Zakopane, Morskie Oko - Poster...
    Poster Zakopane, Morskie Oko - Poster...
    Poster Zakopane, Morskie Oko - Poster...

    Poster Zakopane, Morskie Oko - Poster with the city


    Poster Zakopane, Morskie Oko. The poster has a photo of the city of Zakopane in Poland. Wall graphics made in black and white colors.

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    Poster Zakopane, Morskie Oko. The poster has a photo of the Sea Eye located in the city of Zakopane. Wall graphics made in black and white colors.

    Beautiful wall art with a photo of the city of Zakopane, Morskie Oko. The graphic shows a beautiful shot of the city made in black and white. The poster also has an inscription with the name of the city in English.

    Poster Zakopane, Sea Eye, made in a modern Scandinavian style.

    It is a lake of glacial origin with a karowo-moraine character. It fills a rock basin hollowed out by glaciers (Cauldron of the Sea Eye), closed from the north with a transom, on which the terminal moraine embankment lies. Morskie Oko has an area of ​​34.93 ha, length 862 m, width 568 m, and at its deepest point it reaches 50.8 m (WIG measurements from the end of April 1934 with a very high water level in Józef Szaflarski's calculations). More recent soundings carried out by Adam Choiński determined the depth as 51.8 m. The oval shape of the lake is slightly disturbed by the helix cones at the mouths of the larger gullies: Marchwiczne, Żabi (Biały Piarżek), and especially Szeroki Piarżek (Mały Piarżek, more often known as the Peninsula of Love). From the south, by the walls of Mięguszowieckie Szczyty and Cubryna, there are massive scree cones, partially covered with dwarf mountain pine.

    The bottom of the lake is covered with boulders at the shores, below with gravel and sand, and below about 40 meters with a layer of dark silt, with plant and animal remains, up to several dozen centimeters thick. The average slope of the slopes below the water surface is 15 ° 20 ′. The water is green (4th degree on the Forel-Uly scale), and its clarity was assessed by the researchers at 11 (Józef Szaflarski) to 14 m (Ludomir Sawicki).

    There are clearly separated layers of water, the so-called thermocline. The measurement carried out on August 2, 1937 showed that the upper water layer, well mixed by undulation, was only 3 m thick and at a temperature of 12.1 ° C. Up to the depth of 10 m, the temperature dropped by almost 1 ° C / m, from 10 to 20 m much less (about 0.25 ° C / m). Below 20 m, down to the bottom, the temperature was already constant (approx. 4 ° C). The lake usually freezes in November, thaws in May, but there are big variations from year to year. For example, in the winter of 1950/1951 Morskie Oko did not freeze until January, and stood still in March. Since 1971, measurements of the lake's ice cover have been carried out every year. They show that both the length of the ice period of Morskie Oko and the maximum thickness of the ice cover show a downward trend. In the years 1971–1982, Morskie Oko was ice-bound for 171 days a year on average, it appeared on average on November 20, disappeared on May 9, and the average maximum thickness of the ice cover was 72 cm. In the period 1995–2007, the ice remained on average for 157 days, appeared on the average on December 5, disappeared on April 25, and its average maximum thickness was 56 cm. Poster Zakopane, Morskie Oko.

    The poster comes from our private collection!

    The Zakopane poster is fully designed by us, so you can be sure that you are buying a unique and unique item.

    Collection of posters "Cities of the World"

    Buried. The artwork is printed from Passpa rteuu.


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    Fotograficzny - Matowy
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